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Married pregnant woman dies, fiance trying to prove paternity

The scope of family law is vast. In some cases, the circumstances surrounding the issue are so out of the ordinary that nobody really knows how they will play out. One such case is ongoing in Texas right now. In this case, the father of a newborn is facing uncertainty as he begins his life a single father.

The issue with this case begins when the baby's mother, who was still pregnant at the time, was involved in an accident. The accident was so bad that it led to her death. When she arrived at the hospital, doctors determined that the baby had to be delivered. This was one month prior to the woman's due date. Eight days after the crash, the woman passed away. Her death started a domino effect that is ongoing.

Know what you need to do for an adoption in Texas

The adoption process is something that you need to prepare for because it can be difficult. While the end result is beautiful, you have to think carefully about the steps that you have to take to get there. It is very important that any person who is considering adoption take the time to understand what they will need to do to make the adoption go smoothly.

You also have to make sure that you understand the responsibilities that you are going to have once the adoption is final. When you finalize the adoption, you are committing to caring for the child for his or her entire life. It also means that if you and your spouse end up divorcing, the adopted child will go through the exact same child custody process as biological children go through.

Know the Texas laws regarding adoptions

Making the decision to adopt a child is a wonderful way to help a child have a stable home. When you make this decision, you have to be sure that you meet the requirements of the applicable laws so that the adoption can move forward without any obstacles.

The adoption laws in Texas are in compliance with the Uniform Adoption Code. Currently, same-sex couples can adopt in the state; however, there is a bill moving through the legislature that could allow private adoption agencies to decline these adoptions.

Should you use your spouse's texts in your divorce?

In a divorce, anything you say may be used against you, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, email or text. Since we do so much communication via social media these days, we often don't realize how much of a digital footprint we leave.

Text messages are often used as evidence of infidelity in divorce cases. However, proof of infidelity rarely has an impact on the outcome of a divorce settlement any more.

Premarital agreements are meant to protect both parties

We recently gave you some tips for handling a prenuptial agreement. Today's tips are designed to ensure that the prenuptial agreement is valid. The last thing that you need is an issue invalidating your document just when you need it the most.

We know that you might feel a bit awkward contemplating the end of a marriage before it has even begun. But consider how devastating it could be if you do get divorced and lose everything. You worked hard for your assets, and it would be a shame to take a loss because you thought it was tacky to ask for a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements must be handled properly

A prenuptial agreement is a serious document that can offer premium protection for you -- as long as it is handled properly. There are several different things that could invalidate a prenuptial agreement, so make sure that you aren't doing any of these if you are in the process of getting one together.

Any prenuptial agreement you have must be in writing and both parties must have read the agreement. You can't just have a verbal agreement because that isn't something that would be enforced by the court.

Make decisions now to outline responsibilities later

Child custody cases can result in various resolutions. The important thing in these cases is that you take your child's needs into consideration so that you can do what is best for the children. You should try to get things resolved as quickly as you can so that you and your children can begin to work on finding a new normal life.

There are several different factors that you have to think about when you are trying to come up with an agreement about child custody matters. One of these is that you should decide who is going to make decisions for your child. If you and your ex can work together to make decisions, that might be the best option. If you can't work together, you have to think about who should be the primary decision maker.

Various methods exist for child custody cases

Child custody matters are sometimes decided by the court; however, parents can work together to resolve the issues that come up. When you and your ex can work together to resolve child custody issues, you can put your child first.

One of the possible ways that you can resolve child custody issues is through mediation. This option involves you and your ex working with an impartial mediator who can help to keep the negotiations moving forward and serve as a go-between if you and your ex can't communicate directly.

Know about child support cases and modifications

We recently discussed how Texas is using a new method for collecting back child support. Until the arrears are covered, the person can't get his or her registration for a vehicle. While this might seem extreme, it is imperative that parents pay their obligations for their children.

It is interesting to see that some parents think that child support is optional. Unfortunately, children don't stop costing money just because the parents aren't together any longer. This is why some custodial parents turn to the court system to get a child support order.

New Texas law has brought in over $1 million in child support

States have used various methods to incentivize parents who don't make their child support payments on time and/or in full to meet their responsibilities. Here in Texas, a program was introduced last September that denies people who are at least six months behind on their payments vehicle registration renewals.

Car owners receive adequate notice before their registration is revoked to become current on their payments. People impacted by the law receive a letter 90 days before their registration expires. Therefore, there should be no surprises when they go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew their registration.

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