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In our very active work on behalf of our clients, we meet many admirable, hardworking men and women who need help sorting out their legal options in a very stressful time. Through personal attention and a compassionate approach, our attorneys strive to relieve the pressures of coping with divorce, making pivotal decisions, and envisioning a future path.

Whether your foremost concerns are your children, your finances, getting through the ordeal quickly, or a combination of these, we can help. Please call or e-mail Regan Armstrong & Associates PLLC, to request a consultation with an experienced family law attorney in Houston, Texas.

Divorce — Modifications — Adoption — Legal Documents

We operate a full-service family law firm sensitive to our clients' desire for a favorable, timely and cost-conscious resolution of issues such as:

You may need a new estate plan that reflects changes in your family. We provide basic wills, powers of attorney and statutory directives. We also understand the Texas probate process and can help you deal with this necessity if a loved one has passed away.

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We handle many divorces and other family law matters and we keep time open for current clients' emergencies and new clients that need our help. We invite you to contact our law offices to schedule a consultation to get the information you need to decide how to proceed. Call 281-894-1590 for prompt individual attention.