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Proposed changes to child support law draws support, criticism

The seemingly never-ending list of things about which to be concerned when in the midst of a divorce can be overwhelming at times. Trying to balance what is fair along with what is palatable is a challenge common to many Houston couples. This includes child custody determinations and any related child custody issues such as child support or visitation plans for parenting time.

Father granted sole custody of toddler when mother moved away

Issues surrounding custody of children during a divorce can be some of the most difficult for Houston parents to work through. The loss of time with their children is never easy and courts work to find agreements for child custody that are in the best interest of the child or children in question. It is not uncommon in many states to have the custody order include parameters for or restrictions on parental relocation, in an effort for both parents to maintain a good relationship with children.
Such was the situation in a divorce in New York in which the parents signed a joint custody agreement that prevented either of them from moving away without either the approval of the other parent or of the court. However, only one month after the divorce was final, the mother accepted a job that would take her roughly 230 miles away from her ex-husband. When the child’s father refused to approve of the relocation, the woman petitioned the court for permission.

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