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Olympic athlete in midst of child support and custody dispute

For Houston couples going through a divorce with minor children still at home, the issues surrounding child custody and support can be some of the most difficult upon which to agree. These child custody issues can even arise in situations where parents have not been married but have a child together and need to determine logistics for where the child will live, when he or she will see either parent and who is financially responsible for what.

Advice for people contemplating a divorce

For some couples in Houston, a divorce process is initiated rather abruptly. For others, the end of a marriage has been considered and even planned before formal action is taken. The divorce process includes a complex mix of emotional, financial, legal and logistical matters. Even an uncontested divorce can require agreements concerning alimony, child support, parenting time and more.

Options for claiming children as tax deductions in divorce

Issues relating to a divorce in Texas are many. These include how to split retirement accounts, whether or not to keep or sell a house and whether or not the parents will share joint custody of children or one parent will have sole custody with the other receiving stated parenting time and visitation rights only. Couples must navigate these and other decisions not just during a divorce but often after the divorce is over as well.

Technology aids co-parenting after a divorce

Texas couples who get divorced with minor children must face a range of challenges during the process. Determining appropriate child custody arrangements that both parents can be satisfied with is commonly one of the most difficult parts of this experience. Add to that concerns about child support payments, parenting time, relocation and more and it is easy to see how many parents can become overwhelmed.

Houston police found to not follow child custody law

For many Texas parents who must share custody of their children with another parent, the process can work as planned. Each party exchanges the child as per the agreement and in the best interests of the child. However, there are some situations in which this is not the case. One parent may prevent the other from access to the children or may take children when not allowed. Child custody issues such as these are governed under Texas law.

Proposed changes to child support law draws support, criticism

The seemingly never-ending list of things about which to be concerned when in the midst of a divorce can be overwhelming at times. Trying to balance what is fair along with what is palatable is a challenge common to many Houston couples. This includes child custody determinations and any related child custody issues such as child support or visitation plans for parenting time.

Pets likely considered property in a divorce

The range of issues that Houston couples must contend with in the face of a divorce is wide and numerous. A typical divorce process involves, at a minimum, some property division which in and of itself has multiple sub-components. Add in other divorce legal issues such as child custody, parental relocation decisions, spousal support and more and the complexity of a divorce can skyrocket.

Geographical trends in divorce noted

Divorces are influenced by many factors and can never truly be narrowed down to one simple indicator. Even in the case of an extra-marital affair, other problems would have been at play prior to the affair itself. Any Houston couple that has gone through a divorce knows all too well the range of contributors that led to the situation.

Divorce experts can make the process simpler

The process of getting divorced can be extremely complex and affects every part of a person’s life. Houston couples who experience divorce must work to resolve often differing opinions regarding child custody, living arrangements, division of property and many financial matters as well. The wide range of divorce legal issues can seem overwhelming at times and finding resolution between both parties is sometimes better accomplished with third-party help.

The benefits of collaborative divorce

For those who are considering an end to their marriage, figuring out the legal minutaiae can lead people to avoid the process altogether. After all, the emotional toil that comes with a divorce may lead some to waive important rights simply to get the the process over with. Who wants to continually fight someone (or bear the brunt of someone's anger) simply to leave a relationship. 

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