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A common law marriage can end in a traditional divorce

There are some couples who, while not wanting a marriage license or a wedding ceremony, would still like to have some kind of recognition of their dedication to one another. One way an unmarried couple can do this is by enacting what is referred to as a "common law marriage."

Advice for people contemplating a divorce

For some couples in Houston, a divorce process is initiated rather abruptly. For others, the end of a marriage has been considered and even planned before formal action is taken. The divorce process includes a complex mix of emotional, financial, legal and logistical matters. Even an uncontested divorce can require agreements concerning alimony, child support, parenting time and more.

Marital debt can follow you after divorce

The myriad of challenging decisions that Texas couples must face when going through divorces can seem unending at times. The division of marital property is commonly one of the most contested portions of a divorce. Divorce legal issues related to this can include identifying what is actually marital property and what is separate property as well as which spouse gets which asset.

Lubbock divorce case a mistrial, new trial to be sought

Texas couples that must face the end of a marriage understand the many different challenges to be faced during the process. Whether an uncontested divorce or one that goes all the way to a jury trial, the emotional toll can be great. Divorce legal issues commonly include property division, child support and child custody, spousal support and more.

Tax-deductible divorce costs are few

The cost of a divorce is known to prevent some people from actually going through with the process. While not every divorce is cost prohibitive, some can become quite expensive. Divorce legal issues can find Houston spouses at odds and struggling to find common ground, extending the amount of time—and money—involved in coming to a mutually agreeable settlement. No matter the cost of a divorce, there is typically some financial impact.

New thoughts about divorce trends in the U.S.

The prevalence of divorce in America can at times seem overwhelming. Most people in Houston either personally know someone who has been through a divorce or have been directly affected themselves in some way. With divorce legal issues ranging from property division to child custody, the angst that can often accompany the end of a marriage has led many researchers to seek out reasons for divorce and understand the phenomenon more fully.

Pets likely considered property in a divorce

The range of issues that Houston couples must contend with in the face of a divorce is wide and numerous. A typical divorce process involves, at a minimum, some property division which in and of itself has multiple sub-components. Add in other divorce legal issues such as child custody, parental relocation decisions, spousal support and more and the complexity of a divorce can skyrocket.

Identifying sole or shared debt during a divorce

Dividing marital property and assets during a divorce is often one of the most challenges part of any divorce. Many a Houston couple has seen their divorce process extended due to difficulties in reaching appropriate settlements. One factor that can make the division of property hard is that it is not only assets but also debts that must be identified and split. At times, knowing whether to apportion a given asset or debt as sole or marital property is not always so clear.

Simple ways to make divorce less difficult

Ask any Houston couple that has experienced divorce about the process and you are likely to hear that it is an incredibly difficult and painful one. The challenges inherent in dividing time with one’s children, splitting financial assets and physical possessions, possibly changing where one lives and more can naturally take a toll on anyone. While there may be no way to ever make a divorce easy, there are things that individual spouses can do to potentially make it less difficult that it could be.

The current and future tax implications of a divorce

Texas is one of nine states in the country that is designated as a community property state for divorce purposes. This means that when a Houston couple goes through a divorce, all joint assets and liabilities are expected to be divided equally. The need to be cautious about the full financial scope of any divorce, including a high-asset divorce, is important.

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