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Actor and estranged wife arrive at child custody terms

Generally speaking, the less time a couple has been married, the simpler it is for them to finalize a divorce settlement. However, if the couple have a child, then a divorce following a short term marriage could become complicated. A case in point is the recently reached settlement between actor Jeremy Renner and Sonny Pacheco.

Mothers can also be guilty of failing to pay child support

When a father fails to keep up with child support payments, he may be labeled a "deadbeat dad." Certainly, if a man is tasked with making support payments for the care of his child, then he must be held accountable when he does not do so.

Texas father jailed over unpaid child support

Keeping up with child support obligations isn't always easy. If you lose your job, or your situation changes, you may find yourself unable to pay the amount you owe. For one father in Texas, however, it was not his inability to pay, but a simple clerical error that got him into trouble. Now he faces jail for the child support that went unpaid.

Alimony should remain separate from other transactions

When getting married, a divorce is rarely on a person’s mind. Positive thoughts about a future life together take center stage. However, when the reality of life changes and a divorce does result, many serious issues can arise. Houston residents can find themselves struggling with decisions about parental relocation and visitation plans for minor children, property division and the payment of spousal support.

Pet custody concerns in a divorce

Houston couples that experience divorce must make many difficult decisions. Wrangling with the emotions common at the end of a marriage can make standard family law issues such as spousal support, child support, property division and more even more challenging. From a high asset divorce to a more simple divorce process, the need for some help is often real.

How a divorce may impact your taxes

A divorce can impact almost every part of a person’s life. Any Houston resident who has directly experienced a divorce knows this all too well. Some of the changes may be positive while others are frequently not so positive. Each divorce process is unique and has its own associated set of pros and cons to involved parties.

Advice for people contemplating a divorce

For some couples in Houston, a divorce process is initiated rather abruptly. For others, the end of a marriage has been considered and even planned before formal action is taken. The divorce process includes a complex mix of emotional, financial, legal and logistical matters. Even an uncontested divorce can require agreements concerning alimony, child support, parenting time and more.

Prison, fines and loss of assets face husband for divorce-related fraud

There is perhaps no such thing as an easy divorce but some are certainly more complex than others. Houston couples who have wrestled with family law issues surrounding child support, spousal support and more understand how easily a bad situation can be made worse. For most people, the challenges of a divorce are confined to settlement agreements. However, other people must endure even further problems.

Lubbock divorce case a mistrial, new trial to be sought

Texas couples that must face the end of a marriage understand the many different challenges to be faced during the process. Whether an uncontested divorce or one that goes all the way to a jury trial, the emotional toll can be great. Divorce legal issues commonly include property division, child support and child custody, spousal support and more.

Tax-deductible divorce costs are few

The cost of a divorce is known to prevent some people from actually going through with the process. While not every divorce is cost prohibitive, some can become quite expensive. Divorce legal issues can find Houston spouses at odds and struggling to find common ground, extending the amount of time—and money—involved in coming to a mutually agreeable settlement. No matter the cost of a divorce, there is typically some financial impact.

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