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Persistence can help potential adoptive parents succeed

Becoming an adoptive parent requires many important qualities. It is important to have a strong desire to share your home with a child who may have already had a rough life. Empathy, patience and a sense of humor can all be very helpful traits as well.

New adoption laws signed into effect

No matter what the reason or situation for an adoption in Houston, there can be many concerns for both an adoptive parent and a biological parent. Emotional and legal adoption issues can be complicated and even overwhelming at times. People who are considering involvement in any adoption may want to learn about their local laws to understand the processes as the laws can vary from state to state. It can be interesting to watch changing laws in other states as sometimes that can have a rippling effect.

Changes to Utah Adoption Act may limit fraudulent adoptions

Texas residents who either adopt children or put children up for adoption know how complex the laws surrounding these situations can be. Both an adoptive parent and biological parent have specific wishes and rights while certainly the best interests of the child should always be the primary concern. An adoption can be contested or uncontested, greatly changing the level of complexity in the process.

Man forced to pay child support for 20-something children

For many Houston residents, the requirement to pay child support for some period of time is part of their post-divorce world. Even if child custody is shared, child support payments may be ordered from one parent to the other. The amount of money or duration of payments varies based upon income and other factors and is intended to provide a life that is in the best interests of the child or children involved.

Olympic athlete in midst of child support and custody dispute

For Houston couples going through a divorce with minor children still at home, the issues surrounding child custody and support can be some of the most difficult upon which to agree. These child custody issues can even arise in situations where parents have not been married but have a child together and need to determine logistics for where the child will live, when he or she will see either parent and who is financially responsible for what.

International adoption rate continues to drop

For Texas couples wishing to become parents, the ability to adopt can provide the means to fulfilling their dreams. Some people may even be able to biologically have their own children but wish to provide a good life for another child who may not have such an opportunity. Either way, adoption can be a beautiful gift to both adoptive parents and adopted children. Even biological parents may be grateful to know their offspring will enjoy good homes.

Federal lawsuit alleges Utah adoption law unfair

For many Texas residents, adoption is the path to much-desired parenthood. For others, it is a way of solidifying a special relationship as with a stepparent adoption. Sadly, however, not every adoption is simple and some are even contested. These situations can be challenging for both an adoptive parent and a biological parent and have the ability to impact the children involved in many ways.

Houston police found to not follow child custody law

For many Texas parents who must share custody of their children with another parent, the process can work as planned. Each party exchanges the child as per the agreement and in the best interests of the child. However, there are some situations in which this is not the case. One parent may prevent the other from access to the children or may take children when not allowed. Child custody issues such as these are governed under Texas law.

Proposed changes to child support law draws support, criticism

The seemingly never-ending list of things about which to be concerned when in the midst of a divorce can be overwhelming at times. Trying to balance what is fair along with what is palatable is a challenge common to many Houston couples. This includes child custody determinations and any related child custody issues such as child support or visitation plans for parenting time.

Viability of gays at parents discussed by Catholic Pope

For people in Houston and around the country, the ability to adopt a child may be the only or best way to becoming parents. Any adoption can carry with it a unique set of challenges and should always be focused on the best interests of the child. Adoption issues can range from foreign laws for an international adoption to concerns about a biological parent wishing to retain communication with either a child or an adoptive parent and more.

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